Mediation FAQ

1. What type of mediations do you handle?
I handle any matter relating to the family, whether divorce, property division, alimony, child custody or child support.

2. What are the chances of success?
If the clients negotiate in good faith, keep an open mind and are willing to work hard, the chances are very high. There are no hard statistics but my experience is that about 85% of the cases resolve to the satisfaction of the parties. I generally handle the more difficult cases to settle that have been pending a year or more so I am pleased with this success rate.

3. Is the resulting agreement binding?
The resulting agreement is binding if both attorneys sign the agreement as well as the parties. If there are no attorneys then the agreement must be approved by an attorney chosen by the client prior to it being binding.

4. How long does the process take?
The process usually takes one full day but occasionally takes longer.

5. Do I have to have an attorney?
No, but you will need an attorney to review and approve the final agreement between you and your spouse as well as to file the divorce. I prepare the agreement for the review.

6. How do I schedule mediation?
Please contact me by phone or other manner using the contact information contained in the web site.

7. How does this process compare with litigation in terms of cost?
This process is much cheaper, if successful. I would estimate 20% to 30% of the cost of litigation. This estimate includes the cost of two attorneys. The catch is if it is not successful, you have spent money on the process and have to start over with litigation.

8. What is the cancellation policy?
The mediation may be cancelled up until 48 hours prior to starting without charge. Within 48 hours the charge is $980.00. Changing the date due to a scheduling conflict is not a cancellation.

9. Where have you mediated domestic cases?
I have mediated cases as far north as Macon, as far south as St. Mary’s, as far east as Savannah and as far west as Albany. My primary areas for mediation are Savannah, Macon and Brunswick.

10. Does the client have to pay for a place for the mediation to take place?
No. Furthermore, I do not charge to travel.

11. Do you accept credit cards?
No checks are fine.